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When the market gets crowded with everyone selling shovels to the gold miner its a great time to be a gold miner.  You can buy a lot of shovels dirt cheap.  Not that long ago Internet marketing materials sold for as much as $997.  Don't misunderstand, you can still buy marketing materials for that kind of money.  However, most of the same material can be had for pennies on the dollar or even free.  Yes, it is truly a shovel buyers market.   

One thing that some of those old tyme shovel sellers did when the market became crowded was to diversify.  One way to diversify is to sell more than just shovels.  But, another way to sell shovels is to find a different market for shovels.  Miners aren't the only people who use shovels.  Farmers use shovels and so do ditch diggers.   Who else besides Internet marketers could use the product or service you want to provide?  Another name for this is niche marketing.

Gold Nugget:  many internet marketers today strongly suggest that you actively seek out these alternate users of shovels.  They call it niche marketing.   Find a need, fill the need, supply the niche.

Internet Marketing frequently revolves around building a large email list.  By now there are lots of programs being sold to Internet marketers that teach them how to build an email list.  But, who else needs an email list? 

Doesn't a crafts person who teaches people how to create ceramics need a mailing list?   If you market a product that teaches how to build and stay in touch with an email list could that ceramics teacher use that system?  How would you go about reaching the ceramics teachers?  How about joining a ceramics forum on line and participating in the discussions.  When people ask about how to market the ceramics business you could teach about building email lists.  You don't have to stop with ceramics.  There are forums for just about every hobby or business you can think of. 

Gold Nugget:  Don't join these forums solely with the intent to advertise or plaster your ad's all over the place.  Become a member of the community and participate.  The idea is to become a net worker and to make a list of friends.  These friends can help you build your list and market your product to their friends.

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