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nternet marketing tools and solutions come in a variety of packages and price ranges.  I am going to start with the best low cost and free internet marketing tools that I can find.  If they are on this list its because the people who are experts recommend them or I have found them to be highly useful to me.  Some of these internet marketing tools have been featured in an article on this site or in my Gold Miner Marketing E-zine. 

Low Cost or Free Internet Marketing Tools

Virtual Web Host  A good hosting site is essential but it shouldn't break the bank.  Virtual Web Host costs as little as $5.00 per month for the basic business package. And includes free domain registration with every hosting package.  Don't waste your time with a free web host service.  Some of them bombard your visitors with advertisements and the search engines hate them.  In fact, some search engines won't even list your site if it is hosted at a free web host.

NVU  Website Design doesn't have to be complicated.  A WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get html editor is available for free. NVU is considered to be one of the top notch free html editors and is robust enough for commercial applications. It's compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac. Cost is free.  This is an example of good open source software.

Coffecup Free HTML Editor - for those who have trouble downloading or using NVU a good alternative WYSIWYG HTML editor and webpage builder is the Coffeecup Free HTML Editor.  They have a paid version that is much more robust and includes more features but the free version is a strong program and feature rich. 

FTP Commander is a great FTP application that is handy for uploading files and web pages to your website.  Not absolutely essential as most web hosts offer a web browser application that lets you upload and download files.  It's still nice to be able to upload files without going to the web host site. Presentations, documents and more. You could pay Microsoft several hundred dollars or you could use for free and get an e-book creator too.  This software includes the option to convert your Open Office document into a PDF document.  An instant e-book or report.  It's as simple as choosing the SAVE AS feature from the file menu and selecting PDF document.  Did I mention this huge highly functional suite of tools is free? has a really great auto responder tool.  There is probably no better way to manage a list of emails and to manage an e-zine than to use an auto responder or list management software.  As most of the good marketers keep saying... The money is in the list.  Getresponse has a paid version and a free version.  I highly recommend you use the free version if you are strapped for cash. Upgrade to the unlimited paid version when you start making money.

PayPal, is practically the premier way to receive and send money on the internet.  Cheaper than Western Union, PayPal allows you to accept money from all over the world and they take care of all the money exchange rates.  They do charge fees  but if you are a business looking for a way to accept credit cards without getting a merchant account you can't beat a PayPal business account.   And its free to set up an account.  All you need is a bank account as a funding source.  . is a great way to create a blog and generate web traffic to your website.  Post once or twice a week and benefit from the synergy of having multiple sites linking to your blog and your website.  Don't forget to cross promote your blog and website.  Post a link to your blog on your website.  And post at least once a month a link to your website from your blog.

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