Internet Marketing Success

Are you having trouble achieving Internet Marketing Success?
Or do you have trouble defining Internet Marketing Success?
What does success online look like?
Is it a site that earns $300 per month every month with little or no effort?
Or is it selling an affiliate product that earns you $10,000 a month?
Is it simply setting up a website and waiting for people to find it?

I think these questions really do highlight the problem with internet marketing success. A good analogy can be found in the gold rush of 1848-1850. When the headlines of the newspapers began reporting the incredible riches to be found in California many people loaded up everything they owned and headed West. Those people heard that gold was practically laying on the ground or running in the streams of California. A pan dipped in water would yield gold nuggets as big as a man’s thumb. Dig up a few shovelfuls of dirt and the gold nuggets would practically fall off the shovel. Many people rushed to California with only one goal in mind. That goal was to buy a shovel or a gold pan and start digging or panning for gold. And that was the end of their goal setting and planning. They fell for the dream of easy riches.

Today the internet is very much like the gold rush of 1848. People hear that there is gold on the internet. All you really have to do is set up a website, subscribe to a particular guru, buy the latest promotion, and the gold nuggets will practically fall right into your bank account. Just a little shoveling and easy riches. This is also known as “Get Rich Quick” or GRQ. But, the truth is that the gold miners who struck it rich and kept those riches in 1848 were the ones who were willing to study and work at becoming the best prospectors. They studied where the gold was, how to mine the gold, and what to do with their gold once it was out of the ground. The ones who just wandered around and dug up a few shovels full of dirt here and there might have occasionally found some gold. But, they didn’t find gold consistently. These prospectors usually never found enough gold to be prosperous. In fact, by the time they paid back the merchants and others they owed money to they usually found they were worse off than before.

It can be that way on the internet too. You hear that Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is the way to go. So, you create a haphazard landing page promoting a good Click Bank product. You set up a PPC account with Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter.  You pick your keywords and then you spend $200 to $300 in PPC advertising. The Click Bank product has several sales and you think you are making money. At last! Internet Marketing Success!  Then you discover that you only made $100 in affiliate commisions. It’s costing you $2 or $3 for every $1 you make. Essentially you are probably doing the internet equivalent of digging up a few shovels full of dirt.

So, what is a neophyte internet marketer to do? The answer is simple. When you wanted to (or were forced to) be successful at a new job or at school you did something very important.  You learned everything you needed to learn to be successful. You studied to make sure you knew the material. You mastered the skills you needed to perform successfully at your job. You did this because you knew that if you did it right a paycheck would arrive every payday. As long as you repeated the same behavior successfully over and over the paycheck would keep coming every payday.

Internet Marketing Success is based on this same behavior. If you learn the behavior that creates success and you repeat the behavior consistently you will be successful. Before you buy a single product you should study. Create a set of goals. Decide what internet marketing success is going to look like for you. Find out what works for you. Master the skills you need to perform successfully. Do this consistently and the money (gold nuggets) will start coming in regularly.

Gold Nugget: Internet marketing success  is dependent on a set of skills.  You can learn those skills, manage people who have those skills, or hire people with the skills in order to succeed.   Most of the very successful gold mining operations were discovered and owned by people who had no knowledge of the skills required to safely and successfully run a gold mine.  They usually hired the mining engineers they needed to help them plan and run a successful gold mine.  

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