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Internet Marketing for Small Business
by Jesse Kesler



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Internet marketing for a small business doesn’t have to be complicated.   There are three basic things you need to have in place for your small business to benefit from internet marketing.  Those three things are a search engine optimized (SEO)  website, a Google local search listing,  and a Facebook Fan Page. 

Chances are, if you are a small business, you specialize in a service or product that has a fair amount of local interest.  For example, if you own a small store that specializes in alternative medicine, you want the people in your local area as well as people from all over to find your website and your store.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think of SEO as a well designed yellow page listing for the internet.  When your site is properly designed and set up using the right keywords and descriptions people can easily find you using those keywords and descriptions.  Search engines like Google and Bing want to deliver quality content and relevant searches.   It’s a match made on the internet.  You want to be found.  Search engines want you to be found; but, only if you follow the rules.  So make sure that if your site is about stamp collecting that the keywords and descriptions are about stamp collecting.

If you don’t know anything about SEO you can hire someone to do it for you.  You can also take a few tutorials online and learn the basics in a very short amount of time.  The main thing to remember is   you always want to write web pages that deliver the content, information or functionality that the web user is looking for. 

Google Local Search Listings

Google recently made some changes to how they deliver search results.  Those changes tend to favor local search results over others.  For example, if I search for Jeep Cherokee you can see that Google is offering me “Jeep Cherokee san Antonio” based on my IP address which tells Google that I am in San Antonio TX.  If I click on the suggested phrase I will get listings optimized with local business websites for Jeep Cherokee dealers, parts suppliers and repair places in San Antonio.   


 Jeep Cheokee Google Local Search

Google wants to help small businesses succeed because supplying local search results delivers more relevant search results.   People usually aren’t looking for alternative medicine results in Thailand if they live in Cincinnati.   Google wants you to create a local search listing because they want better search results for the people who use their search engine.    

Another way to create traffic for your local website and business is to create a Face Book Fan Page for your business.  

When you do this you have a platform where you can tell people about you and your business, advertise specials, and stay in touch with your customers on a personal level.     Every time you interact with a customer be sure to get their email address.  You can send them emails advertising specials and inviting them to check out your Face Book page and “like” it.  When your fans like you on Face Book  a posting is created on their face book  wall advertising your Fan Page.  Their friends will check it out and if your business or service is something they need or like they may become fans and “like” your page too. 

This is how social media can be used to create viral marketing.  But, remember that social media is more about connecting with people so you will need to make sure you offer plenty of connecting content on your Face Book page.

In conclusion, internet marketing for small business doesn’t have to be super expensive or complicated.  Google Places is a free for the basic listing, Search engine optimization can be DIY project and a Face Book Fan Page is free.   

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