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How would you like a never ending source of high quality products to sell on E-Bay? Become an E-Bay consignment seller and you will never run out of products to sell on E-Bay. 

If you are having problems finding a source for good quality items to sell on E-Bay consider becoming an expert on selling on E-Bay.  Then open an E-Bay consignment business.  You sell other peoples quality items and keep a percentage of the profit after all the fees and expenses are paid. 

One of the primary advantages to using this selling model is that you don’t have to go looking for products to sell.  People will bring them to you.   For the price of a classified advertisement or two and some business cards you can create a steady income by selling the stuff from other people’s attics and garages.

Why would someone let you sell their stuff on E-Bay instead of selling it themselves?  There are a number of reasons why this appeals to people.  One is that they don’t understand E-Bay or online auctions very well.  Most people understand instinctively that an expert E-Bay seller can earn them more money for their items than they probably can.  Other people just don’t want the hassle of creating an account, creating the listing, collecting the money, and then dealing with the shipping.

Whatever the reason they are willing to pay you a 30-40% commission.  Of course, you are doing something to earn the commission.  You are writing an accurate high octane description that will bring top dollar for their high quality items.  You will list the auction, collect the money, package the item securely so that it arrives safely, and ship it to the buyer. 

E-Bay Consignment Tips:

1.   Use a detailed contract.  It should include information on the consignor, the item being sold, the type of auction, starting price, all fees and commissions, and even disposition of the item if it doesn’t sell.   Include a statement that the consignor has legal ownership or the right to sell the items being sold.

2.   Be sure to identify all consignors with a driver’s license, government ID or some form of valid identification card.  Make sure this information is in the file or on the contract.  In the event that you inadvertently accept stolen goods you want to be able to prove who they came from and that you did not know they were stolen.

3.   Have the consignor give you a detailed list of items being dropped off. Include serial numbers and list of parts and attachments. Ensure that the item is complete.

4.   Make sure that it works.  Don't accept non working items unless the parts value can still make it worth your's and the seller's time.

5.   Set a minimum value amount for items that you will sell.  Relatively speaking a $10 item is as much work and almost as much in fees to sell as a $100 item.  If it’s too small in value it’s probably not worth your valuable time to sell it.  Some consignment sellers won’t sell anything valued at less than $50.  A good dollar value is $50 to $100.   Of course you can sell several smaller items as a lot or collection.  For example, five $10 bottles of perfume could be sold as a collection. 

6.   Know your products.  Do the research needed to get a good idea of the value of items.  Certain items such as jewelry or coins should always have an appraisal.  The appraisal can be included in the auction description.  Get the history of the item.  Is it being sold because a newer model was purchased?  Is it Grandma’s heirloom vase?  These are details that can help enhance the listing. 

7.   Always take possession of the item being sold and keep it in a secure place until after it has sold.

8.    Define expectations.  Make sure the consignor understands the exact process, how the auction will proceed, how the market sets price, and the pros and cons about things such as a reserve price.  Above all make sure that the seller understands that you cannot guarantee a price or that an item will sell.   Make sure they understand the amount they will receive Is the selling amount less any fees and commissions you have agreed on. 

9.   Become an E-Bay selling expert.  Know everything there is to know about E-Bay.  Know their policies and rules better than they do.  While this sounds extreme you don’t want to unknowingly violate a policy and wind up having your account banned.  This would effectively cripple your E-Bay consignment business.

10. Use local classified advertising, Craigslist, and local bulletin boards to get the word out that you are an E-Bay expert seller and consignment broker.  Be sure to have professional business cards made that you can hand out to people. 

Other considerations include making sure you comply with local and state regulations concerning operating a business out of your home or a small store front.  You will need enough space to store items that are waiting for auctions to be completed. 

In conclusion, an E-Bay consignment business is a fun, profitable way to ensure that you have steady source of items to sell on E-Bay.

I also recommend you download and read this free E-book on how to
Make Your Net Auction Sell.  It teaches you everything you need to know about setting up your e-business online using aucton sites such as E-Bay or others.

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