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In 1848 the California Gold Rush created a lot of wealth.  Most of that wealth was created legitimately and honestly.  Unfortunately, some enterprising individuals practiced a method of finding wealth called claim jumping.   These individuals would wait for some hapless gold miner to come into town with a large amount of gold nuggets and dust.  Once they determined that the gold miner had discovered a very rich claim they would device a way to get his claim deed from him so they would become the new legal owners of a very rich claim.  Often these enterprising individuals were too lazy to actually work the claim themselves but they would sell the deed to other miners who wanted to work it.   For those who are not quite sure what a claim deed is think of it as similar to a real estate deed.   The difference is that on public lands a mining claim deed may only give the right to mine the land.    

Why would someone commit claim jumping in the first place?   Because claim jumping is a short cut to finding a profitable mining site.  I am not advocating crime but there is an analogy here that we can use to point us towards a profitable web business or niche market. 

Gold Nugget: Letting someone else establish the profitability of a niche is a good short cut to finding a profitable gold mine. 

You see the internet is a lot like the California Gold Rush.  In the gold rush there were literally thousands of people wandering around the countryside looking for gold.  They dug, they sluiced, and they used gold pans to sieve out the precious gold dust and nuggets.  But, none of those tools were worth a hoot if the gold wasn’t there in the first place.   Just because a place looked likely and had lots of promise there was no guarantee that the gold would be there.  Miners could spend days or weeks digging and tunneling only to discover they were wasting their time, money and other resources.  Everyone has heard of the Lost Dutchman Mine and the many prospectors who spent years looking for it.   The last thing you want to be on the internet is one of those lost souls looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine. 

Gold Nugget:  The story of the Lost Dutchman Mine is a good example of why it’s important to map where you have been.  So, you don’t forget where you found those gold nuggets!   Have you bookmarked the Gold Miner Marketing Site?

So, what can we learn from the tactics of claim jumping?  On the internet (and offline too) there are gold miners who want to share their gold mine with you.  They do all the work of finding a profitable gold mine site.  They decide there is so much gold in the mine they can’t possibly mine it all so they ask you to “claim jump” their site and dig for gold there.  Of course, you share the profits with them.  But, that’s morally and ethically more satisfying than hitting them over the head and stealing their gold mine deed anyway.  It’s called affiliate marketing. 

In affiliate marketing a profitable niche has already been established.  The problem these folks face is that they need for people to find their website.  They want you to give away free maps to their gold mine and in return they are willing to share the profits with you.    Obviously, there is more money to be made if you had your own goldmine.  But, if you are having trouble finding one of your own or you want to take a shortcut to finding a profitable gold mine then Affiliate Marketing is the way to go.    

Of course, even affiliate marketing requires a map of how to get there.  One of the best E-course for learning how to be an Affiliate Marketer is totally free and can be downloaded here Affiliate Masters Course

A lot of really good affiliate sites publish free e-zines.  Every week or month they publish ideas, tips and teach you how to succeed at affiliate and internet marketing. 

Gold Nugget:  Sign up for free affiliate marketing newsletters and learn from the experts for free!



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