#1 Secret of Successful Internet Marketers

The number one secret to successful internet marketing is this…Find a Problem PLUS Provide the Solution PLUS  tell people about it. 

Four very successful internet marketers and entrepreneurs who I admire and who have perfected this formula are:
Ken Envoy – Sitesell and SBI
Jim Daniels – Bizweb2000
Jim Cockrum- Silent Sales Machine
Leo Quinn – Get out of Debt Plan

Ken Envoy first got started with a site called Make Your Site Sell or MYSS. Ken solved a huge problem that marketers have on the internet. How to stop the technical stuff from getting in the way of what really counts in internet marketing… Creating great content for your website. Ken went one step further and created SBI or Solo Build It. SBI deals with ALL the technical stuff of website building and maintenance.  Niche research, keyword research, search engine submission, webpage building, Search Engine Optimization… SBI does it all. If you can point and click with a mouse you can use SBI. Ken also created huge amounts of value in this product because he gives away thousands of dollars of functionality and value and still prices SBI at less than $400 per year. All you provide is your ideas and brains to create content. Learn More About SBI

Jim Daniels decided that the problem was no one had a real blueprint for figuring out how to make money on the internet. His solution was to create a free e-book titled Make A Living Online and give it away to anyone who wanted it.   He built a huge audience with that free book.  The book grew and became a complete guide to building an E-business.  He charges $14.95 now for the book.  About the price of three lattes.   It comes with everything you need to know.  It includes an exclusive membership site, resources for free or low cost resources to build your business.  He sells the book through Clickbank and is one of the top sellers on that platform.   Jim also offers hundreds of articles and resources for free on his website

Just using the free resources and following the blueprints he provides on his site you could create a decent income.

Gold Nugget Tip:  Successful Marketers do what works.  One of the things that works is providing high quality content that delivers value and giving that content away.  

Jim Cockrum solved the problem that lots of marketers were having with E-bay. How do you create a successful E-bay business?   He wrote a short guide called “The Silent Sales Machine” and started out giving it away.  The techniques and tips in that guide were so valuable that the book is now in it’s 10th update.   It is the number one best seller in it’s category on Amazon.  Jim has updated the book to reflect changes in the market place and the book has a lot of information about selling on Amazon and how to create multiple streams of income.  You can get it as a paperback.  The Kindle version is only $5.  Many people who have read this little book have used the techniques in it to build large businesses selling on E-bay, Amazon, and other sites.    Buy Silent Sales Machine

Leo Quinn saw a problem with the way average people were spiraling into out of control debt and becoming wage slaves to their credit card companies and other debts. Leo created a strategy for getting out of debt and getting your finances under control. Leo is helping hundreds of people put back $500, $1000 or even $2000 a month back into their wallets instead of the credit card company.   He teaches a simple approach to getting out of debt, saving money, and solving the number one problem that keeps people awake at night.  It is also the number one reason for most relationship problems.  Not enough money… spending too much money.  Learn how you can tame your debt monster for free from Leo Quinn.

The number one thing that all successful marketers do (online or offline) is help people solve a problem and then tell them how to use it or how to find it. 

So, at its most basic the formula is:

Find a problem that impacts people + solve that problem + tell people about the solution = Success

Do you know of a problem that needs a solution?

Can you provide the solution?

Do you know someone who has the solution and will let you give it away?

Can you tell people how to use it or how to find it?

Gold Nugget Tip: The solution doesn’t have to belong to you. You just have to be able to tell people how to use it or how to find it. 

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