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  Gold Miner Marketing is here to help you solve your marketing problems. 

Want to know the number one problem Internet Marketers face?  Find out ...For Free!

Want to know the secret method that most Internet Marketers use to generate gold every month.  Month after Month?   

Would you like the Internet Marketing Strategy that will blow your mind and make you money?

Would you like to know what motivates people to make a decision and spend money on your offers?

These secrets and more are revealed by keen insights into the California Gold Rush era of 1848 


We steal  borrow the best ideas from minds of the top marketers and add a few of our own insights

The best minds in marketing WANT YOU to borrow these ideas because they know that often your success is in their best interests.

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Meet The Prospector


Prospector and Internet Gold Miner Teacher Jesse Kesler

They tell me that you want to know who I am before you trust me...

 Hello, my name is Jesse Kesler; creator of the Gold Miner Marketing website.  I am an avid marketer and student of the internet.  I say student because the internet is constantly changing.   I am a fairly normal human (like you) with a family, pets, hobbies and a strong desire to succeed (just like you).  One famous entrepreneur was fond of saying "help people get what they want and they will help you get what you want".  I like the idea of helping people to get what they want. 

Another wise proverb is if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you will feed him and his family for life.  This site is designed to teach you how to fish in the internet waters.  

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